The Sunflower vs. The Light Bulb

So I’ll be honest, I’ve seen the Sunflower in action and I know what it’s capable of.  But for some reason — even though I’ve seen the Sunflower turn a dark gloomy room into a bright cheerful one — when I’m not experiencing the Sunflower for myself every day, I find myself challenging what it’s actually capable of.

I start to wonder…

Really? Can the Sunflower provide me that much light for that long?  How can it?  When the Sun’s moving across the sky?
Is the light actually bright enough for me to read, write, browse the net, watch TV — do anything I want — in my room?  Because there IS sunlight shining outside, some of that is obviously coming through my window, and that’s not enough.
“Is one Sunflower enough to light up my whole room?”

Now, I play with the Sunflower just about every day here at the office, and I think that’s why I’ve been taking for granted the obvious.  It wasn’t until we brought one home, for me, that I finally believed and understood the Sunflower’s capabilities.

My current living situation is such that I live with two non-immediate family members in one house.  We enjoy spending time together and sharing space, but we lead busy lives.  So when I’m at home, I’m content to soak up my own personal time in my own personal space — my bedroom!

It absolutely drives me nuts that every day, when I get home from work, the sun is still shining brightly outside — so I know it’s bright out — and yet it’s too dark for me to read/write/browse the web without squinting.  Maybe I’m one of a group of people that would rather enjoy natural light while it’s available than flipping a light switch, I know that not everyone is like me.  But I simply just don’t like to turn on the lights when the sun’s still out and shining.  I almost feel like I’m challenging the sun to its task or something.

Well, one day we finally bring the Sunflower to my house so we can film a tutorial video on setting the target on the Sunflower (yes, enthusiastic Wikodans — that video is on its way!).  The Sunflower’s target?  My room!

Standing there in my bedroom window, waiting for the Sunflower to light up my room, I was still a bit skeptical about the difference it could actually make.  But in a matter of moments, my room went from:


…to this!

The room that’s been driving me nuts to spend time in because I was constantly debating over whether or not to turn on the lights — was now well lit!  AND it was natural light.  I’m not the greatest with a camera, so the resulting picture might look overwhelmingly bright.  But having the Sunflower light up this room was essentially as if I could’ve pulled the sun a bit lower so it could’ve shined some of its rays directly through my window.  The light was significantly bright — but the fact that it was natural really did mean that it was more gentle than the light that comes from a light bulb.  The kind of light provided by the Sunflower is enjoyable in the same way that, when you’re sitting out at the beach or traipsing out into a field to enjoy the sun.

The Sunflower Provides you with feel good light

That description still seem too obvious? Imagine you’re relaxing on the beach. The sun’s shining bright, you can feel it tingle a little bit on your skin. Overall, you just feel warm. Then a cloud goes by and completely blocks out the sun. How do you feel then? Cold? And kind of gloomy. The whole mood of the beach changes instantly when a cloud blocks the sun. It’s the same in a room lit up with the Sunflower vs. with a light bulb. A light bulb is bright, provides more than enough light, but it doesn’t feel natural, it doesn’t feel warm. It’s something we need, and a light bulb provides light that meets this need. Sunlight, I guess you could say, is a bit of a luxury — we enjoy the way it feels and probably don’t even realize that we enjoy the way the light looks to us. We don’t realize that we enjoy the look of sunlight because we take for granted the fact that we can easily access light with a light bulb.

So — yes, the Sunflower makes a room significantly brighter. But more than just meeting a need for light, the Sunflower brings you feel-good light.

That’s my own personal experience, where one of my own frustrations was calmed by the Sunflower.  Do you have any rooms that make you feel this way?  Because if you do, the Sunflower could help you too!

Still not convinced?  We’re working on sharing multiple Sunflower situations with you, so you can really understand what Sunflower light looks and feels like.

For a more in depth explanation of how to examine the difference in light between a room with the Sunflower and without, see how we used the Sunflower to light up…

  • A study (a typical room situation where the Sunflower lights up the whole room)
  • An attic (a unique situation with an oversized, unfurnished room that helps show how the Sunflower’s light works)

Have you been skeptical like I was?  If you need a little more encouragement, contact me to for a discount!

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