How to Light Up A Room Using Natural Light

The Sunflower provides more than enough natural light to light up a whole room.  But it’s often hard to visualize or understand what the light will look like, aside from imagining the Sunflower’s reflection on a wall or ceiling.

We’ve lit up this pink study with the Sunflower, shining it on different parts of the ceiling, to give you an idea of the different natural lighting effects you can achieve with the Sunflower.

Here we have a mid-sized room.  It used to be used as a study (the room is now empty because the house is up for sale!)  There are no lamps or lightbulbs in this room, and the only light supplied to the room in this picture is from the natural light coming through the window.


Picture 1 – No Sunflower

You’ll notice that the pink walls are lighter to the left, as that wall is closer to the window and receiving more light.  You may also notice that the wall becomes quite dark in the back left corner.  This is what the room looks like with natural light.  It’s not necessarily dark, the light coming in through the window certainly makes the room brighter, but it’s not necessarily sufficient enough to be comfortably reading and working in there.

Now, let’s bring some light into the room with the Sunflower Heliostat.

Picture 2 – The Sunflower half on the ceiling, half on the top of the wall.

In terms of lighting up the room, as compared to picture 1 without the Sunflower’s help, you’ll notice that the pink color of the walls is warmer and more vibrant.  This indicates that the interior of the room is brighter.  You can also notice that the white chair is brighter, which indicates that the area around the chair is illuminated. Another indicator that the room is much brighter is that you can now see the color of the wood moldings near the floor and the cream rug.  Whereas in Picture 1, the floor appears dark and gray with little distinction between the colors.

Picture 3 – The Sunflower half on the white ceiling, half on the pink wall.

The difference between Picture 2 and this picture is the size of the Sunflower’s reflection on the wall.  With the Sunflower’s reflection a bit lower on the wall, the reflection spread is larger and less concentrated so the overall room looks warmer and brighter (the walls, the chair, the wood moldings, the cream color of the rug — all colors are more distinct and better illuminated).

This is probably the idea placement of the Sunflower for this room because the whole room is brighter.

Now… If you want to illuminate one section of the room to be brighter than the rest, direct the Sunflower’s reflection toward the corner.

Picture 4 - The Sunflower mostly on the top part of the pink walls and partially on the white ceiling.

You can see in this picture that the pink color of the walls stands out even more so than it does in Picture 2, this is because the walls are illuminated even more with the Sunflower.  However, you may also notice that this picture appears darker than Picture 1, but it’s important to remember that the interior of the room is still brighter in this picture than in Picture 1.  This brightness is indicated by the greater distinction and vibrance of the colors in the room.

With the majority of the Sunflower reflecting off of the pink wall instead of the white ceiling, the light does not spread as well.  Light reflected onto a white ceiling is reflected more than light reflected onto a pink wall because white reflects more light than the color pink does.  You can still notice that the white chair looks warmer and brighter in this picture than it does in picture 2.  This is because the light is focused in the corner above the chair.  It’s essentially as if you lit a light bulb above the chair and chose to sit there to read, the same way you would turn on a desk lamp because you’re choosing to sit at your desk to read.

Picture 5 - The Sunflower focused and concentrated in the corner on the white ceiling.

With the Sunflower directed into this corner, you’ll notice that the corner of the room is brighter than it is in any of the other pictures.  However, you’ll also notice that this light is focused to the corner.  You can tell that the light is focused in the corner because of how white and bright the light is in the corner, but then that the overall pink color of the walls is a bit cooler.

Once again, the overall room is brighter than it would be without the Sunflower.  This, you can tell, by the more vibrant pink color of the walls, the warm brown of the moldings, and the cream color of the floors in this picture than in Picture 1.

 Another view

No Sunflower

With the Sunflower

Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

  • Think about the contrasting vibrance of the colors between the two pictures.  Do the colors stand out more in one picture than the other?
  • Can you distinguish or see things more clearly in one picture than the other?
  • Do both rooms look bright?  Which one would you choose to read in, if you had to?