How Does the Sunflower’s Light Look and Feel?

We’ve explained all over our website that the Sunflower is an affordable green daylighting solution.  We’ve explained the benefits of using the Sunflower.  That by using the Sunflower you’re experiencing natural light instead of artificial or fluorescent light, and that you’re reducing your carbon footprint by taking advantage of solar power and sunlight during the day rather than turning on a lightbulb and using electricity.

This all makes sense, but we know that you’re probably still wondering “How does that natural light really look?”  or  ”How does the Sunflower’s light actually work for me?”

Natural light is more efficient, it has a greater light intensity and therefore makes a room literally brighter.  But natural light is much gentler than the light we experience from a light bulb, and because of this, you may not notice the room becoming much brighter at first, but you will notice that a room lit up with the Sunflower Home Heliostat is bright enough for you to read in and that that light is neither harsh nor jolting.

Because this is tough to grasp just using words or just looking at a picture, we’re going to attempt to show you how the Sunflower’s light looks and feels with some example situations, pictures, and detailed descriptions of what’s happening in each picture.

What things look like on the outside…

What things look like on the inside…

Click here for an in depth description and explanation of how the Sunflower’s light behaves.

How to Light Up a Room - the Pink Study

Picture 1 – Natural light, No Sunflower Home Heliostat

Pictures 2-5 – Natural light WITH the Sunflower Home Heliostat

Click here for an in depth description of the Sunflower’s light in the Pink Study.

The Difference Between the Sunflower & A Lightbulb

A Personal Experience with the Sunflower

Picture 1 – No Sunflower, just sunlight coming through the window

Picture 2 – With the Sunflower

Click here to read about a personal experience with the Sunflower, understanding how the Sunflower’s light makes you feel — how its light is different than the light that comes from a light bulb.