The PV Tracker

For the solar panel enthusiast…
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Solar panels are a great way to create and utilize renewable energy.  Unfortunately, panels on fixed mounts are only 10-15% efficient at converting sunlight into electricity – and that’s only when sunlight shines directly on them!  Believe it or not, fixed PV panels receive an average of 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, which means the panels are even less than 10-15% efficient for the other daylight hours.

But fear not!  This is why solar trackers have become popular accessories for solar panels.  By adding a solar tracker to your solar panels, you can increase the amount of time they will be exposed to direct sunlight, and therefore, their efficiency.  On average, solar trackers increase the efficiency of solar panels by 25-35%.  The PV Tracker is capable of guiding your panels to face the sun from rise to set, which means you could potentially double the amount of time your panels can receive direct sunlight (from the average 6 hours to 12!).  By mounting solar panels onto the PV Tracker, you’ll insure that they can perform at maximum efficiency.  And therefore, you could increase the energy output of your solar panels by as much as 100%.

Our PV Tracker utilizes the best tracking options available:

-        Dual axis tracking for optimum tracking & direct sunlight exposure
-        Sun sensor tracking for direct input and economical innovation
-        Active tracking for better accuracy
-        Powered completely by onboard solar panels


The PV Tracker is an all-in-one solar tracking device with the tracker and controller housed under one roof; a sturdy, weather resistant polycarbonate dome.  No need for separate installations, configurations, or external programming.  Now you have a complete sun tracking system all in one place!

How does it work?

The computerized controller uses a sun sensor to determine the sun’s location.  And then the controller drives the motors (and your mounted solar panels!) to follow the sun.

What else will you need?

You should mount 2 solar panels onto the PV Tracker that have a combined weight of less than 20 lbs.

Then, you will need a frame to mount your solar panels onto your PV Tracker with.

Last but still important — you will need a solid foundation for your PV Tracker and solar panels.  The foundation will be unique to your location and situation.  If you are unsure of how to construct a solid foundation, please contact an experienced contractor for advice or help.

We’ve developed the PV Tracker in response to many requests to mount solar panels onto the Sunflower.  With the PV Tracker, we have made our solar tracking mechanism available to you.  As a solar tracker, it requires some work and effort to integrate it into your low grade solar panel array.  With that in mind…

If you’re interested in solar tracking technology, Purchase the PV Tracker today!