What is Green Freedom?

In America, perhaps it was Henry David Thoreau who first outlined the green movement (aka environmentalism). He called for the conservation of and respect for nature.
In the ’70s, hippie activism helped establish firm acts that promoted the conservation and protection of land.
In ’97 the Prius touched ground in Japan. It hit the road worldwide in 2000, and maybe that’s when “going green” became a trendy thing to do.
In 2006, Davis Guggenheim premiered his global warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, raising international awareness about climate change and drawing attention, once again, to the green movement.
Then came a renewed drive to use reusables, to drive hybrid — even electric cars, to install solar panels on your house, to use LED light bulbs, and much more.
Now here we are at today, where there is a consistent effort to go green. Maybe Kermit the Frog would have to change the lyrics to his song…

Today, some might consider “going green” a trendy thing. Regardless, going green has always been a commendable effort; to promote the good health of ourselves and nature by living in harmony together.

To go green is to don a lifestyle that caters to the environment and recognizes that we are a part of it.
So then… what do we mean, when we say, “green freedom”?

To provide you with products that…
1. Are “green”, i.e. they utilize renewable (solar) energy and reduce your carbon footprint.
2. Provide you the freedom to travel anywhere and still have power — with a product that’s powered by the sun, that means you can take it anywhere with you; a backyard, the beach, a campground, etc.
3. Free you from the usual hassles of daily life — simply set up a Wikoda product, turn it on, and then let it satisfy one of your daily needs without you having to pay it any further attention.

It’s tough to understand because we’ve only released one of our products, and the Sunflower seems to cater to the home. But here at Wikoda, we’re looking to provide truly green products; ones whose energy savings can’t even be compared to the amount of energy it takes to produce them, ones that help you to live more naturally and free from the bonds of plugs and high prices, and ones that will free you from the guilt of the financial commitment to go green, or the discomfort you may once have experienced by switching over to an unnatural but energy efficient product.


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