• How Does the Sunflower Light Up a Room?

    The Sunflower vs. The Light Bulb So I’ll be honest, I’ve seen the Sunflower in action and I know what it’s capable of.  But for some reason — even though I’ve seen the Sunflower turn a dark gloomy room into a bright cheerful one — when I’m not experiencing the Sunflower for myself every day, [...]

  • Our First Fruit!

    Our First Fruit! One of the benefits the Sunflower has to offer is the ability to provide consistent sunlight.  If you were to ask, “who is sunlight important to?” I think one of the first answers that comes to mind is probably “plants”. When we first jumped into using the Sunflower with plants, we asked [...]

  • What Is Green Freedom?

    What is Green Freedom? In America, perhaps it was Henry David Thoreau who first outlined the green movement (aka environmentalism). He called for the conservation of and respect for nature. In the ’70s, hippie activism helped establish firm acts that promoted the conservation and protection of land. In ’97 the Prius touched ground in Japan. [...]