About Us

In 2009, two seasoned engineers and businessmen came up with a goal to create an affordable, solar powered, and easy to use heliostat.  They succeeded and Wikoda emerged with its flagship product, the Sunflower Home Heliostat.

But these two men didn’t stop there, and from their sun powered ambitions, we’ve developed our mission statement: to provide viable means with which anyone achieve green freedom.

Since the dawn of the Prius, people have been talking about “going green”, but what does that mean?  To turn off the lights when you’re not in the room?  To use a reusable grocery bag?  Water bottle?  Coffee cup?  To drive a hybrid car?  To install solar panels on your house?  To do all of these things?

Maybe.  “Going green” has been a sort of intangible movement that refers to making choices that will reduce your carbon footprint.  To “go green” isn’t to just recycle, it’s to live an energy efficient lifestyle that caters to the environment.  For some, this is a grand idea that’s overwhelming to embrace.  For others, this lifestyle change seems like an expensive commitment.

Here at Wikoda, we’re not only looking to make green living a less daunting goal by providing you with affordable and sustainable alternatives to products that are already familiar to you, we’re taking things a step further.  We’re providing you with a way to achieve green freedom by helping you to lead the comfortable life you’ve become accustomed to with a little more freedom.  A little more freedom by reducing the hassle of maintaining some daily activities, and by enabling you to continue your daily activities anywhere because you’re powered by the sun.

We want our customers to live bRIGHT because “bright” is a word with so many positive meanings.  It’s a synonym for: brilliant, strong, bold, clever, intelligent, canny, astute, intuitive, resourceful, happy, lively, promising, and optimistic.  These are all characteristics we want to help our customers embody when they purchase our products.

To us, living bRIGHTly means:

-       Living in harmony with the environment

-       Spending and saving money intelligently

-       Feeling good using our products and about how you live your life


Bring Innovation Home with Wikoda.